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Product Marketing Solutions for Higher Education Leaders

Let's Talk! You have specific needs and the options below are just some examples of how we can structure the path forward. From new degree programs to evaluating active degree programs, let's find the right fit solution to work towards measurable results. And those results? Transforming the lives of students by matching them with the right program.

Go-to-Market Strategy for New Degree Programs

Are you launching a new program? With a Go-to-Market Strategy, you’ll gain clarity on your target audience, the program landscape, key competitors, program positioning, differentiated and compelling messaging, and a roadmap for marketing assets, admissions enablement, and how to reach your target students.


Marketing Plan and Assets for New Degree Program

Whether or not you need clarity on the GTM Strategy, we can work with your existing knowledge of the program and create baseline marketing assets for launch from web copy and one-pagers to landing pages and advertising campaign concepts. As a bonus, you’ll gain insight into how to measure the early success of your marketing launch and what defines program-market fit (or product-market fit).


Product Marketing Playbook for New Degree Program

From go-to-market through the marketing plan, you’ll access the right bundle of assets, plans, enablement, and strategy to launch your new degree program. As a partner, you’ll gain the insight and guide to make this a repeatable process, whether or not you need continued support.


Product Marketing Audit for Active Degree Programs

You’ve launched a new program and you’re seeing the signs that the initial positioning of your program isn’t reaching the right students. You need fresh eyes on your enrollment funnel, marketing approach, and current positioning. Gain the insight and recommendations you need to move forward.

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