Hi there, I'm Corey. I'm so glad you're here!


Living with intention, supporting local businesses, and thriving in small-town America keeps me up at night. There's this limitless sense of freedom and possibility at your fingertips once you're able to focus and understand a community. 

Ideating solutions to small-town problems inspires me, challenges me, and honestly makes me happy. No place is perfect, no city is without flaws, but waking up everyday in a community that has potential and like-minded folks makes it worth getting out of bed. 

This blog is my outlet to share ideas, possible solutions, happenings in the Lakes Region, and thoughts on the small-town lifestyle.

That's Sebastian (we call him Seb when he's not getting into trouble), he's our 7-year old Golden Pyrenees (Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees mix) rescue from the NH Humane Society.



As I finished college with a degree in marketing from Johnson & Wales University, grad school seemed like an appropriate next step to learn more about digital media and communication theory. My next academic adventure was to earn a master's in Communication, Culture & Technology from Georgetown University, which also became my day-job for four years. Georgetown sent me around the world to recruit MBA students, both face-to-face in admissions and through digital marketing. From there, analytical brand-marketing became my next area of development at 2U, a university technology parter that delivers the world's best online degree programs–my primary client was Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management (still a huge fan of MBA@Syracuse). 


In 2015, fortune favored my small-town pursuits as 2U and my laptop came with me in the moved to my hometown of Laconia– located in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire by Lake Winnipesaukee. My millennial category for economists in the area is the "boomerang"–moved away before returning to the Granite State.

Today, my marketing-focus has shifted to B2B IT services; an abundance of iced coffee and post-it notes gets me through the day.


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